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Wireless alarms are easier and less disruptive to install. There's no need to lift carpets to run cables under floor boards, move furniture or drill holes through walls. This generally reduces the installation cost compared to a hard wired system but the equipment is more expensive. Wireless alarms are more portable, so can be removed temporarily for decorating or permanently if you decide to move home.

Each device has batteries to power it and typically these need to be replaced each year.

Wireless systems can only reach British Standards EN50131 / PD6662 Grade 2 (Medium Risk). This should be stated on your quotation.
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Hard Wired:

Hard wired alarm systems are generally considered more robust, reliable and require less maintenance. A hard wired alarm system would usually be installed by a professional to hide the cables, thus increasing the installation cost.

The installation of a hard wired alarm system should meet with British Standards EN50131 / PD6662 and conform to the NPCC Intruder Alarm Policy. Ensure this is documented with the Risk Grading in your quotation. The systems available cover all Risk categories.

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We provide both Wireless and Hard Wired Systems up to risk Grade 3.

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