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Complimenting our secure-net, property-net and care-net range of products we can offer you a Smart-Net to alert you if your alarm activates and Smart Control of your Alarm and Home.

The Smart Alarm requires you to already have an internet connection at the premises that you wish to monitor. The Smart-Net system is browser based, using the internet cloud and can be viewed on a computer or your mobile; the alerts are sent to your mobile or can be emailed.

Whether it is you Intruder Alarm that has detected an Burglar, your Property Monitoring System detected a Flood, or your Care System that has noted that no one has moved for a couple hours you will be alerted. Then you can either get a picture at the point the alert took place or connect up with the cameras in the premises to see whats going on. We can even offer the ability for you to listen to and talk to whoever is in the property.

Smart-Net can also be used to integrate our Security and Safety Systems with Home Automation allowing you to adjust your heating, turn on lighting and unlock your door to allow access remotely.

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