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Looking after your Elderly and Infirm

Think of your family, as the years roll by, your parents, grandparents have a better sense of well being in their own homes. If they succumb to illness most prefer to recuperate in familiar surroundings.

What if you are injured or contract a debilitating illness? When the hospital has done its job; who is going to look after you and how can they manage when they are at work all day?

There are 10.3 million people aged 65 and over in the UK, an 80% increase since 1951. In 2013 there were 815,827 people with dementia in the UK, 1.3% of the entire UK population; projections from the Alzheimer’s Society believe this will grow to over a million by 2025. What if this happens to your loved one?
Looking after Elderly and Infirm
Looking after Elderly and Infirm
Looking after Elderly and Infirm
Looking after Elderly and Infirm
Our team remains deeply concerned and has developed the Care-Net range of products and services to allow the infirm and elderly remain in their own home as long as possible helping to ease the burden on their family and friends.

For the Care Homes, Doctors Surgeries and NHS we offer a professional range of Nurse Call systems.
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